Strategic Design

Strategic Design – Planning Skillfully for Major Goals

Signature features of how I generate strategic concepts: Creating synergies through corporate processes, clear measurabilities and proper project design. Your management team is aligned, divergent interests are consolidated, and situations of difficult decisions are resolved by applying my smart Strategic Design Methodology.
V.Max is my system and process of generating one consistent system for sales, marketing and customer service: together with your management team your strategic and competitive goals for your customer focus are integrated with your sales and marketing operations.

Strategic Design

An innovative format of strategic planning for the top management level that aligns the leadership culture towards innovation and competitive edge, creates  synergies between divisions and combines measurable results with realistic projects.

V.Max Strategic Marketing and Sales Controlling

One unified system for all relevant customer departments within your organization that is constantly filled with data fresh from the markets through your market intelligence, your sales force. Consistent processes and methods combine operations, strategic marketing, customer service, R&D and respective controlling into a true Customer Relations Management Systems. 

Customer Focus

Generating an attitude of customer focus as competitive advantage in all relevant customer contact departments: as an ingredient of your company culture in which everyone within the process chain is aligned toward customer benefit for both internal and external customers benefit.